Matthias Horx  Futurist

Biography Matthias Horx

Matthias Horx Matthias Horx, born in 1955, is considered the most influential futurist in the German-speaking world.

Between 1980 and 1992, he worked as author and editor on the magazines Tempo, Die Zeit and Merian. Horx was interested in science-fiction, value change, youth cultures, new technologies and during this time laid the foundations for his future profession. His essayist books, e.g. ‘Die Wilden 80er’ (the wild 80s) and ‘Aufstand in Schlaraffenland’ (rebellion in the land of milk and honey) are about value change and the zeitgeist of the 80s.

In 1993, he founded the Trendbüro Hamburg with Peter Wippermann. Trendbüro rapidly became the nucleus of German marketing orientated trend research, and five years later Matthias Horx founded the Zukunftsinstitut. (

The Zukunftsinstitut’s main mission is the analysis and presentation of fundamental future developments in society, the economy and everyday culture. With headquarters near Frankfurt (Kelkheim) and branches in Vienna and representatives in London, the economic and political think-tank is now very much in demand throughout Europe.

Matthias Horx and his family currently live in Vienna. He has two sons, Julian and Tristan, and is married to the British journalist, Oona Strathern. His wife is actively involved in the work of the Zukunftsinstitut and has written a number of the studies published by the company.

1955: Born in Düsseldorf
1956-1965: Childhood in Kiel / Northern Germany
1965-1973: Youth and secondary school in Frankfurt/Main
1973-1980: Studied sociology at Frankfurt/Main University
1980-1985: Comic drawer and Science-Fiction author, editor of "Pflasterstrand" magazine
1980-1991: Author and editor at TEMPO, ZEIT and MERIAN in Hamburg.
During this time he published the bestselling "ZEITGEIST-Trilogy":
"Das Ende der Alternativen", "Aufstand im Schlaraffenland" und "Die wilden 80er".
1993: Married english journalist Oona Strathern
1993: Founded "Trendbüro"in Hamburg with Peter Wippermann.
Published the bestsellers "Trendbuch 1" and "Trendbuch 2"
1998: Founded Zukunftsinstitut in Kelkheim near Frankfurt
1999: Moved to Vienna
2005: Published "Wie wir leben werden" (How we Will Live, also available in english) and "Anleitung zum Zukunftsoptimismus" (Guide to Future Optimism)
2005-2010: ZUKUNFTSINSTITUT, is a well established prognosis and consultancy firm with offices in Vienna and correspondents in London. The company has 35 employees and focuses on trend innovation and development of early warning systems.
2005-2013: Teaching Trend and Future research a.o. at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen/Bodensee and MCI Management Center Innsbruck.
2009-2010: Building and opening of the "Future Evolution House" in Vienna.