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How We Will Live

How We Will Live: A Synthesis of Life in the Future
by Matthias Horx

In a synthesis between fiction and non-fiction this book takes us on a journey of possible human development through the next 100 years. It looks at the big socio-cultural shifts and asks challenging and provocative questions about everything from birth and belief to death and disaster. The book follows the biographies of two very different children born in the year 2000. Through detailed scenarios developed from the author's research, we experience how our lives, our thinking and our behaviour will change.


Foreword: Cassandra, Dr. Popper, Helga, Cosmo and I

Birth: Will parenthood also determine our lives in the future? What "value" do children have in the knowledge society? Will we clone?

Learning: Can we "learn lifelong"? What qualifications do we need for the future? How intelligent can we become?

Love: Will we all be singles? Is love becoming more romantic - or more rational? Will "life-phase partners" determine the future?

Work: Will we run out of work? How flexible and mobile can work become? Will a new proletariat arise?

Prosperity: Is our destiny "more and more consumption"? Will the gap between rich and poor grow ever wider? Will the world become richer or poorer?

War and Disaster: Will we see the Third World War? Will terrorism define the 21st century? Will disasters lead to the end of mankind?

Politics: Will democracy blunder into an existential crisis? Is the state superfluous in the globalised market? Will the solidarity of society decay?

Belief: Will religion gradually fade away? What redemptions may we hope for? What will become of Christianity?

Life as a Whole: How does ageing change our culture? What phases of life shape our life-stories? In what landscape will we live?

Death: Will we conquer death? Do we want to conquer death?

Epilogue: The 22nd century

Afterword: instead of a word of thanks.

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