Matthias Horx  Futurist

Technical Requirements

The future needs new kinds of visualisation, and Matthias Horx gives his highly animated presentation using a professional presentation software (Keynote) on an Apple computer. This works with any standard projection equipment.

Matthias Horx also brings with him a PDF version of his presentation (readable on any computer) for emergencies. This PDF will be handed over to the customer after the presentation.

The original presentation files will not be provided in advance, because they are only readable on an Apple computer with Keynote software and appropriate typefaces installed and they are up to 500 MB in size!

For visuals of themes and speeches please refer to, where many key visuals are available (in German).

Key requirements:

  • A large screen, visible by all(!) participants.
  • A standard projector is fine but with the highest possible luminosity.
    The brightness should be adapted to the light conditions in the room (beware of sunlight!).
  • A lectern for the presentation computer.
  • A mobile microphone.
    Optimal: a headset, second choice: a clip-on microphone
  • Audio output: Parts of the presentations include audio output.

The presentation is held in a 16:9 format – beamer and projection screen should support this. If the location only supports a 4:3 format, it can be used, but please let us know in advance.

Dear Technicians and Event Organisers.....

Don't worry – I've done this before...

  • Whenever possible I try to arrive an hour before my speech.
    In most cases it is simply a question of plug and play –┬áthe presentation is up and running in 10 seconds.
  • I use the latest Apple MacBook Pro, it works with EVERY projection system.
    Please ensure the highest possible luminosity and pixel count (minimum: XGA).
  • I can adjust my computer display to any resolution.
  • I always have with adapter/connection cables (VGA, DVI).
  • I need to have my own computer near me on the podium so that I can control the presentation myself (my remote control works up to 30 metres distance from my computer).
  • I use the Apple Keynote software (no PowerPoint) and special typefaces – therefore I cannot run my presentation from any other computer (neither Apple nor Windows).
  • Any kind of signalling to someone to show the next chart etc. is not possible. I need to be able to control the presentations (including hundreds of animations) myself.

If you have any questions please mail me at: