90 – Thank you, Putin

By Tristan Horx

When the aliens attack, the whole world joins forces – as Ronald Reagan once said. That has now happened. Wladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine is so arbitrary, so cynical, that it can only be described as extra-terrestrial. We all watch in horror as a worldview that is not even remotely sustainable tries to return. An invasion of Europe – as if history were playing tricks on us. A worldview like Putin’s can only find the future in the past because it lacks any vision. Paradoxically, this regression will take us further forward.

Why were we complaining about rifts in our society, how big the divisions were just a few days ago? Suddenly we realize how trivial our apparent conflicts and social separation were. The world of the past, which we occasionally nostalgically cherish, now shows why it should be overcome. This world won’t come back, the rest of the planet has come too far for that. Reacting to such a heinous act with harshness, calm and solidarity is a testament to historical maturity and greatness. Thank you, Putin. You showed us that the future is not in the past.

You have helped to accelerate the trends towards renewable energies. We won’t get it wrong with Russian gas again.

You were instrumental in keeping the Trumps and their friends at bay. We can see very clearly what comes out of lies, media manipulation and nationalist nonsense.

You made it clear to us how pointless our stupid Corona disputes really were. And you are helping us to overcome European quarrels. Among other things, we can finally show our generosity and true solidarity with a large wave of refugees.

Thank you, Putin. You made it clear to us that there is much more that unites us than divides us. An alien from the past brings us back together – almost poetic, if it weren’t so tragic.

(Published in slightly abbreviated form in the Kronen-Zeitung, February 28, 2022)

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