Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Matthias Horx

1955: born in Düsseldorf.
1956–1965: childhood in Kiel/Northern Germany.
1965–1973: youth in Frankfurt/Main, high school diploma at the Ziehen-Gymnasium.
1973–1980: Sociology studies in Frankfurt/Main.
1980–1985: comic artist (“Abenteuer in Technokazien”) and science fiction author (see books: “Glückliche Reise”, “Es geht voran“).
1980–1991: author and editor at TEMPO, ZEIT and MERIAN in Hamburg; During this time, the “ZEITGEIST trilogy” appears with the titles “Das Ende der Alternativen” (The End Of Alternatives), “Aufstand im Schlaraffenland” (Insurrection In The Land Of Plenty) and “Die wilden 80er” (The Wild 80s).
1993: marriage to the English journalist Oona Strathern.
1993: founding of the Hamburg “Trendbüro” with Peter Wippermann.
1993/1997: Birth of sons, Tristan and Julian.
Publication of the bestsellers “Trend Book 1” and “Trend Book 2“.

1998: founding of the Zukunftsinstitut.
1999: move to Vienna.
2005–2010: the works “How We Will Live”, “Anleitung zum Zukunftsoptimismus” (Guidance on Future Optimism) and “Das Buch des Wandels” (“The Book of Change”) are published.
2005–2013: guest lecturer at the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen.
2009–2010: construction and moving into the “Future Evolution House” in Vienna.

From 2010: The Zukunftsinstitut is developing into a forecasting and consulting company with headquarters in Frankfurt and Vienna. Today the institute has 40 employees, and it’s core competence is the development of visions for companies, the analysis of megatrends and the creation of early warning systems:
Zukunftsinstitut GmbH, Kaiserstraße 53, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
Zukunftsinstitut Österreich GmbH, Rudolfsplatz 12/6, 1010 Vienna