Big Business Change

Change in turbulent times

Disruption or gradual innovation? Digitalisation or re-analogisation? How do disenchantment with capitalism and environmental debates affect business models and corporate cultures? How are the general economic conditions changing in the age of Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg?

Whether food industry or car manufacturer, insurance or pharmaceutical industry, fashion or furniture, tourism or steel industry, banks or authorities — all industries are in the middle of a radical change process. This lecture deals with the great economic transformation forces with many best-practice examples: sharing business, economy of scale, »green pressure«, GloCAlism, adventure and »purpose«-markets.

  • Best Future Practice: An overview of the new business models of how companies reinvent themselves in all industries.
  • The new GLOCALISATION: How globalisation is tipping over into new locations.
  • Revised digitalisation: After the great digital hype, a phase of »digital realism« follows—with completely new possibilities.
  • New Work, New Mind: How the working world is restructured in the age of individualism and mindfulness. Prospects for an authentic company culture.
  • Radical middle and successful niche: the evolutions of the abundance markets.
  • The vision principle: How to develop holistic visions for a new age.
  • Integrated capitalism: How economies are reinventing themselves beyond neoliberalism and socialism.
  • From mission to PURPOSE: The new “purpose”-companies and what they do differently.
  • The apocalypse-fascination: How doom belief has dominated our visions of the future — and distorted our perceptions — since the 1960s.
  • In the green: the ten key trends for human survival. Why population development, nutrition, education and energy follow an amazingly positive path.
  • Opportunities for a new world order: from bipolar block politics to new multilateralism.
  • The Blue Ecology: From the self-denial and guilt paradigm to eco-modernism.
  • The hyper-urban future: why urbanisation is a positive trend.
  • Biobased economy: Overcoming the raw material crises through »cradle-to-cradle« technologies.
  • Africa Rising: How the »problem continent« will change.
  • From the impossibility of doom: Why human civilisation is more resilient than we think.