Instructions For Future Thinking
The One Day Future Workshop with Matthias Horx

© Stock Photo: Gautier075

How do we think and feel about the future? How useful or harmful are visions and predictions for a company’s culture? In this personal and motivating one-day seminar, participants learn to critically question their own world related future thinking and about the future culture in individuals, companies and society, which is often characterised by deep-seated misunderstandings about the nature of change processes. The most important tools of the new integrated forecasting system help to improve our increasing sense of the future.

  • Fundamentals of holistic foresight: An introduction to the history and evolution of prognostic techniques.
  • How to differentiate between hype and trends, trends and megatrends?
  • Anxiety and tunnel thinking: How to overcome linear and negative future constructions.
  • The most important forecasting errors: How to avoid misconceptions and get better strategic visions.
  • Inner and outer future: how emotions and cognitive distortions shape our expectation images.
  • Fixed and open future: Overcoming fear of the future and future pessimism.

2 x 3 hours intensive course with 6 to max. 30 people, interactive elements.
Particularly suitable for management / corporations in the context of innovation and reorganisation processes.