Future Trend “Mindfulness”

Perspectives of mental change

“Knowing others is wisdom.
Knowing oneself is enlightenment..”
Lao Tsu

The strangely shy notion of mindfulness has gone through an unprecedented trend career. Today mindfulness training is offered in large companies and a whole mindfulness industry has emerged, from yoga to nutrition to slow food and spiritual design.

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Is this all just fake, esoteric nonsense? Can mindfulness be implemented in corporate culture, management and leadership without following the same fate as fads such as “sustainability” and “wellness”? This talk revolves around the question of a new MINDSET with which we can master ourselves and the future better – not just privately but politically, professionally, economically, mentally and culturally.

  • The thin-walled world: How digital hyper-medialization perverted our perception of the world, and how we began to defend ourselves with mindfulness.
  • Omline: The principle of media sovereignty.
  • The origins of “Mindfulness” in cognitive psychology.
  • Neuro-futurism: How the MIND constructs the future, and how we can better control that process./li>
  • Mindfulness and Innovation: How to find better synergies in the serenity mode.
  • Self-efficacy and self-knowledge: The key competencies of the future./li>
  • The empathy paradox: How too many feelings increase hatred and hysteria.
  • Future is successful relationship!
  • A new MINDSET for the 21st Century: Mindfulness as a Futuristic Spirituality.