Global 2050

How we can win the future

Can mankind still be saved? Will we finally master the climate crisis — or will global warming destroy civilisation? This lecture uses the means of a journey through time: We look back from the perspective of 2050 and ask: How did we actually do it?

This method shows how many problems that seem insurmountable today can be solved — and probably will be solved. A decarbonised world is not only possible, but also probable. Specific subject areas (water, energy, global economy, political power distribution, raw materials, etc.) can be emphasised / worked out as required.

  • The apocalypse-fascination: How doom belief has dominated our visions of the future — and distorted our perceptions — since the 1960s.
  • In the green: the ten key trends for human survival. Why population development, nutrition, education and energy follow an amazingly positive path.
  • Opportunities for a new world order: from bipolar block politics to new multilateralism.
  • The Blue Ecology: From the self-denial and guilt paradigm to eco-modernism.
  • The hyper-urban future: why urbanisation is a positive trend.
  • Biobased economy: Overcoming the raw material crises through »cradle-to-cradle« technologies.
  • Africa Rising: How the »problem continent« will change.
  • From the impossibility of doom: Why human civilisation is more resilient than we think.