The co-evolution between technology and humankind

Technology drives human history. But in which direction? Which mistakes have been made so far in the technology prognosis? What does »smart tech« really mean? How can we re-design innovation processes to overcome the difficulties experienced by many visionary techniques?

This talk offers a holistic model for technology forecasting. It first asks about failure: “Why have many of the old promises of technology never materialised?” “Why do we not yet live on the moon, have not yet cured cancer, and not fly through the air in cars?” “Why do so many sensational promises end up as flops or as a niche product or idea?”

This extensively documented and illustrated TECHNOLUTION model enables us to create a new system of prognosis of technology using theoretical evolutionary models. The basic thesis: Technology does not develop in a linear manner from invention to invention, but as a co-evolution between human culture and needs and technical possibilities.

  • The future of yesterday: how technological fantasies shaped progress.
  • A small “Flop-ology”: What we can learn from future technologies that failed in the market.
  • From Fake Smart to Real Smart: The secret of human-centered technology.
  • Digital Revision: How we can and must redefine our relationship to the digital world.
  • From innovation to synnovation: How the logic of invention changes.