The Progressive Province

Why regions, cities and communities have a future

The megatrend “Urbanization” always seems to be pushing in one direction only: more city, more consolidation, more density and acceleration. As the metropolises become more and more crowded, entire areas of land become deserted, villages abandoned and small towns’ citizens become older. Does “metropolization” aggravate social conflicts and lead to a new demographic class struggle in the future in which hillbillies fight against big-city hipsters? Not necessarily. Every trend has a counter trend! As the glamor of the hyper-urban reveals its downsides, a new phase of habitat decentralization begins, creating new forms of cooperation and lifestyles.

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This presentation is particularly suitable for initiatives in the regional area, for mayors’ campaigns and the development of local visions.

  • »Anywheres« vs. »Somewheres«: The new conflict between those who have “Remained” and “Cosmopolitans” – How serious must one take it?
  • The new love for the countryside: The eternal tension between city and province.
  • RURbane landscapes and villages in the city: The new locality of the knowledge society.
  • The GloKALism: The abolition of the discrepancy between local and global.
  • Vital Villages, Visionary Small Towns, Living Regions: Best practice examples of repositioning.
  • The Power of Cooperation: From the “village caretaker” to the regional mobility initiative.