On the spirit of the future

When should you book Matthias Horx as a speaker – and when not

„A good speech about the future should be irritating in an enlightening way – it should make you think differently, understand new contexts and throw away clichés about the future.”

When I speak about the future I am passionate about it. I look forward to every engagement. However, there can be a lot of misunderstandings. Some confuse a future-speech with a propaganda or motivational performance for a company, a product, a strategy. Some people are only looking for a speaker to reinforce what I call their urgent “we must” message at a customer or employee event. For example: ”Tell our employees that they should not be afraid of digitalisation!” or they ask me to “praise our outstanding product X for our sales team!”

Of course, I can. I like to do that too where appropriate. But that’s not my real job. My mission is to open up a new dimension of thinking and feeling – the future dimension.

My speeches are about the complex and the evolutionary. They are about the dynamic relationship between humanity and technology. Between business and the environment, innovation and mind. It’s not about a prophetic future that will overcome us. I don’t believe in those visions in which the future where it comes over us like a dervish, a sensational spectacle or forced technical recruitment.

For me it’s really about how we can overcome fear by reflecting on the context of what’s coming – and understanding our role. It’s about the why in the where to.

Proper future thinking can function as an inner compass and source of energy. And only this can release the sustainable energy of change. If that is OK with you, then I’m the right speaker for you.